8 A.Sertifikat ISO 45001 PT RAO_001
020 SKL Prakualifikasi CSMS PT Ragheeda Artanti Otodan_001


At Ragheeda Artanti Otodan we are committed to the  health, safety, and environment. We believe that all workplace incidents are preventable and aspire to achieve our aim of “Zero Incident “by making health and safety are the first priority in all our business activities and process.

We are committed to pollution prevention; the guiding principles of responsible care and sustainable development and also believe that attaining the highest standards in  health,  safety,  and  environment  are paramount  to   the   success   and   sustainability   of   our business.

Ragheeda Artanti Otodan achieves these objectives by Empowering all employees and contractors to cease work where there is a threat to safety; Complying  with all legal requirements, codes of practice and standards applicable to our activities.

Demonstrating visible safety leadership through our Supervisors and Managers. 

Identifying  and   understanding   the   hazards   and aspects inherent to the activities we undertake and effectively assessing, controlling and managing those risks and impacts.

Providing appropriate  training  and  support  to  our employees and contractors to enable them to understand our vision and to allow them to perform their roles competently and safely.

Setting  objectives,   targets   and   key   performance indicators which continually drive us to improve our HSE performance.

Learning from  our  performance  and  continuously improving our processes and work practices; and sharing lessons learnt with others.

Ensuring  that  all   incidents   are   investigated  fully specifically identifying the causal and contributing factors so that appropriate corrective actions are taken Regularly undertaking audits and inspections of our operations; and Communicating  this    policy    to    employees    and interested stakeholders; and reporting on our HSE performance openly and transparentl.

All employees and contractors are required to Carry  out their     work    in accordance with Ragheeda Artanti Otodan   HSE  policies,  processes  and proceduresBe accountable  for  their  own  safety,  and  that  of others;  Assess  and  Manage  the  hazards  and  risks inherent to the activities they undertake.

Stop work where there is a threat to their or others’ safety report  any   hazards   or   identified   risks   and   all incidents which cause actual or potential injury or damage.


This policy applies to all employees, contractors and joint ventures engaged in activities under Ragheeda Artanti Otodan operational control.The Chief Executive Officer of Ragheeda Artanti Otodan is accountable to the Board of Directors for ensuring this policy is implemented. This policy will be reviewed annually, and updated as required.